Skateboarding with the Monkeys

As the weather was good this weekend, we decided to get out and about and of course the kids took their boards:


Our Dylan spent the most of the time at the park walking to the top of the hill and skating down at some speed.

Penny Board

Ava was just getting used to her new Penny board and chilling out..

Poster Designs for Home and Office – Gill Sans Inspired

Gill Sand Poster, Typeface, Graphic Design, Eric Gill

I wanted to brighten up the office and also a few walls at home. So I started to look at some of my favourite artists, typefaces and photos, now as my favourite typeface of all time (Omitting the usual Helvetica and Swiss) is Gill Sans. I thought the first step would be a series of posters on the theme, so this is what I have so far.

The copy inside the ‘Counter’ is a brief (Very Brief) history of Eric Gills typeface. Then listing the upper and lowercase plus numbers of the ‘Regular’ weight.

Going to look at the other weights soon then move on to further inspiration for other poster Ideas and maybe even some animation for the TV in the office. #WIP WIP

Manchester Day Parade 2013

What a great day this years Manchester Day Parade turned out to be. The Kids and I loved it, great opportunity to get some great shots too. Everyone was having a great time and the atmosphere was amazing.

Have a look at my other Parade Day photos on Flickr Here.

Manchester Day Parade 2013

Manchester Day Parade 2013
Manchester Day Parade 2013